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hummelberry + color coordinating outfits
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Darren Criss for Indie Magazine

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Amazing Lea Michele and Darren Criss!

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Glee Performances

5.15 Bash: ‘Not While I’m Around’ - Blaine Anderson

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do you think that rachel is sad about samcedes because she wants to be with sam?

No. I actually don’t think that. 

I think that while Rachel is happy for her friends because they’re happy, she’s not going to be ecstatic about any couple happening around her at all for a long time because the love of her life just died. She was supposed to marry Finn. Whether they were broken up or not speaking at the moment or what have you, it was always made blatantly clear that Rachel and Finn were eventually going to end up married some day. In fact, Finn said it himself during his fight with Brody at the end of season four - Rachel was his “future wife.” It was meant to happen; it was in the cards. It’s undeniable that they were the endgame. And now he’s dead. So yea.. she’s sad. It’s hard for her to look at all of her friends who are dating and getting engaged and living with each other, etc., etc. and be fully happy about it because that was what she was supposed to have with Finn Hudson. And it hurts her… and it’s completely understandable that it does.

And it’s all getting pushed under the rug because there are all of these other storylines happening - Broadway, Klaine, Samcedes, everyone coming to NYC, etc. There are a lot of things happening on the show right now and I get that it’s hard to dedicate a lot of time to the fact that Finn is dead because that’s sad and it’s terrible and it makes us all sad because it’s real life and it’s Cory… but I also think that if the show would take the time to examine Rachel’s recent outbursts and sudden life changes/decisions, they would see that maybe it’s a cry for help. And that she is just completely and utterly heartbroken right now. They have a really, really good storyline here under all of this, and I really hope that they’re gearing up to examine it further at some point because if they don’t, it’s a waste.

But yea… long story short - no. I don’t believe that she wants Sam. I believe that she’s extremely sad because she wants Finn and he’s gone. She can’t have him and it’s hurting her to see everyone else getting the love stories that they want when the one she’d always planned out for herself is never going to be seen to completion. It’s just gone.

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Sam Evans + Mercedes Jones | 5x15

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"I think it’s true love. There’s something going on greater than the sum of its parts. There are things that Finn can’t turn himself away from. And I don’t know what that thing is. I think it’s just her." - Cory Monteith